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The Danube Bike Trial from Vienna to Budapest offer easy cycling along mostly flat and well-marked bike paths. It is a great choice for a more active and adventurous holiday or those on a budget. The Danube cycle path is the perfect place for cycling holidays.

The tour passes through many picturesque towns and villages and across lush farmland. There are many places to stop for a romantic picnic along the banks of the Danube River or an opportunity to indulge in local cuisine at one of many quaint inns. The bike paths are primarily paved and traffic-free, following an old horse trail once used to tow barges upstream. Along the majestic river, you will pass by historic castles, cozy villages and sprawling vineyards.

Start from Vienna and finish in Budapest

Vienna – Budapest 340 km(approx. 213 miles)


You can start from Vienna or Budapest

Pick up your bike from our shop in Vienna and return it 7 days later to our shop in Budapest!

Our package includes not only 7 days bike rental, but extra equipment and bike pick up from Budapest.

Take your time! If you would like to enjoy your ride for more than 7 days then you can add extra days for 15 € per day.

Drop Off Location Budapest: If you are ending your ride in Budapest, then drop your bike off at Buda Explorer – Tours & Day Trips.  Our shop is conveniently located near Liberty Bridge, which means that we are easy to find coming off of the EuroVelo 6 Bike Trail along the Danube.

Buda Explorer – Tours & Day Trips, Szerb Utca 17, 1056 Budapest.


You already have all equipment and only need the bike? 


€179 (53700 HUF)


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Vienna to Budapest 7 Day All Inclusive Package

Our all-inclusive 7-day Bike Rental Package includes everything that you will need for your journey, including pick up or delivery of bikes in Budapest. If you require the bike for more than 7 days, then it is only 15 € per day extra!


Package: €179 (53700 HUF)

City Bike

Just 3€ per hour or 12€ for the full day! Our City Bikes (7-8 Speed) are the best bikes to explore Budapest. All bikes have an easy to use gear system and come with a bike lock and helmet free of charge.  


Per Hour: €3 (1000 HUF)
1-4 Hours: €10 (3000 HUF)
4-8 Hours: €12 (3500 HUF)
24 Hours: €15 (4500 HUF)
2 Days: €20 (6000 HUF)
3 Days: €30 (9000 HUF)
4 Days: €40 (12000 HUF)
5 Days: €50 (15000 HUF)
6-7 Days: €60 (18000 HUF)
Additional Days: €10 (3000 HUF)

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