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Rent an E-Bike for the Eurovelo 6 Bike Trail, and pick it up from any location including Passau, Vienna, Budapest and Belgrade. Leave your bike in any of the above locations!


E-Bike All Inclusive Eurovelo 6 Packages


Passau to Vienna 259€ / 77,500 HUF (7 Days)

Passau to Budapest 489€ / 146,500 HUF (14 Days)

Vienna to Budapest 249€ / 74,500 HUF (7 Days)

Budapest to Belgrade 399€ / 119,500 HUF (12 Days)


*additional days @ 30€ per day including equipment


€249 (75000 HUF)


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Budapest to Belgrade 12 Day All Inclusive Package

Our all-inclusive 12-day Bike Rental Package includes everything that you will need for your journey, including pick up or delivery of bikes in Belgrade. If you require the bike for more than 12 days, then it is only 15 € per day extra!


Package: €249 (75000 HUF)

Eurovelo 6 E-Bike Rental

We are your experts for Eurovelo 6 E-Bike Rental. We service Passau, Vienna, Budapest and Belgrade!


Package: €249 (75000 HUF)

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