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Our Brand New Ghost Electric Hybrid Mountain Bikes make Castle Hill and Gellert Hill an absolute breeze! Whether you just want to look cool and ride around Budapest with ease, or you want a little more adventure and to check out the panoramic sights, the Electric Mountain Bike is the perfect way to see Budapest from every angle.

Email us at to reserve your bike!


1-4 Hours:
€27 (8000 HUF)


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Eurovelo 6 E-Bike Rental

We are your experts for Eurovelo 6 E-Bike Rental. We service Passau, Vienna, Budapest and Belgrade!


Package: €249 (75000 HUF)


Please call or book at least 3 days in advance


4-8 Hours: €27 (8000 HUF)
24 Hours: €35 (10500 HUF)
2 Days: €62 (18500 HUF)
3 Days: €89 (26500 HUF)
4 Days: €116 (34500 HUF)
5 Days: €143 (42500 HUF)
6-7 Days: €170 (51000 HUF)
Additional Days: €27 (8000 HUF)

Cancellation policy